Grandma Lila Came Over And Dropped Off Her Famous Chicken And Dumpling Casserole!

By a show of hands, who here really likes chicken and dumplings? I bet there isn’t one hand left on the keyboard. I love to eat this kind of meal because it is hearty, wholesome, and ever so filling.

My grandma used to make a tremendous chicken and dumplings casserole that always brought everyone together at the dinner table. We would sit around the table eating, laughing, and joking. What a great memory! You won’t believe this but this recipe for chicken and dumplings is very easy to make.
Quick Tip: Always use self-rising flour.

You just toss your ingredients into your favorite baking dish and bake it all in the hot oven. Soon, you’ll have a wonderful meal fit for royalty on your dinner table. This is a real stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal and you won’t be left hungry. Enjoy!

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