Here’s Your Ticket To A Healthier Meal With Full Flavor!

My Grandma Used To Make These All The Time, Yummy!

I love all kinds of vegetables, but I know quite a few people who are not as fond of them as I am.

I have no idea why – at first I thought maybe they didn’t have that many vegetable dishes when they were growing up. Then again, I’m not sure I did, either. Growing up on a farm we obviously ate them, but vegetable were never emphasized in our diet, in any way. Even when we had veggies, there was always some kind of meat mixed into the dish.

So I never had vegetable patties at home. The first time I ever tried them was in school and I immediately fell in love! And you can imagine they weren’t the fresh type of veggie patties one makes at home – no, they were those industrially made, frozen patties and yet, I loved them. So, this recipe right here? This one totally blew my mind.

Quick Tip: You can make these with any type of veggies – use a different mixture each time!

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