If You Have 10 Minutes, You Can Make This Incredible Pie!

When you live in Miami, it is perpetual summer.  Yep, I am telling you folks, it is currently mid January and the lowest we have gone is the 60s.  And that was only for one day.  It was right back up to the 80s the next day and it seems like that is the way it will stay.  There are just so many different temperatures around the world, but Miami always tends to stay the same, so we are always looking for ways to stay hydrated and full of energy in the constant heat.

Since that is the case, many times we end up eating summer treats mid winter.  I know, it seems strange, but we need it.  We do not even feel like winter ever comes since we continue grilling and having pool parties every weekend.

Well, with all that grilling and swimming, we are always looking for a sweet treat to finish off the day.  When I found this recipe, I knew that it would be a hit at all our BBQs and everyone would want more so I made two of them.

These are creamsicle pies.  Full of tangy orange flavor and loaded with cream, there is nothing more refreshing or delicious.

Quick Tip: Top with homemade whipped cream.

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  1. This sounds totally yummy. Have to make it. My family has always loved creamcicles!


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