My Taste Buds Were Left For Dead Until Beef Stroganoff Rescued Them

Simple and affordable, beef stroganoff is my go-to meal. Will it be yours?

If there’s one thing that my Mom could always take care of, that would be making a nice hearty meal, even when we didn’t have a lot of food in the kitchen. There was a time when her and my dad first got together and started having kids when it was a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle that we were living. We ate a lot of casseroles, and a lot of ground beef and beef tips from leftover roasts. One thing that she made that I actually still make today is her beef stroganoff.
Simple ingredients, affordable, and super easy to make. Mom could have this beef stroganoff whipped together and on the table in less than thirty minutes, so it was a common weekday meal.

That’s why I make beef stroganoff for my family, too. Instead of going through the drive-thru three or four times a week, I will make beef stroganoff as one of our meals. The kids love it too, especially with a nice slice of garlic bread!
Quick Tip: Try this beef stroganoff recipe with ground turkey or pork, if you wish.

There aren’t usually a lot of leftovers of this beef stroganoff, but if there are, they reheat nicely. I like to add just a touch of milk before warming it up to keep things from getting too dry. My husband will take this to work with him too if there is enough. He loves it when we have homemade leftovers and he doesn’t have to eat a boring sandwich or something out of the vending machine. I don’t blame him there! Feel free to skip the noodles and try this over rice. It’s also very delicious that way.

I love the way our house smells when I make this beef stroganoff. I don’t have to call anyone to the table… they’re already there waiting!

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  1. Going to make this on Sunday , looks yummy !!

  2. am gonna make this today for my family, looks delicious

  3. I have everything in the fridge, will make it this weekend

  4. I'm going to make this as soon as I go grocery shopping. I can't wait to try it.


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