Shhh! It’s A Secret Casserole

No matter what I did, for years, my son would never touch chicken. Well, he would, if it was in a breaded chicken nugget. That’s not something that I generally like to serve for a family dinner. Over time, I did discover that he loved stuffing.

Whenever I would make it for a side dish he would practically eat the entire pan. That had me thinking…could I hide the chicken in the stuffing somehow? I started searching online and found this recipe on Group Recipes.

It sounded perfect. I gave it a good try and he gobbled up two servings the first time I made it! I thought about telling him that there was chicken in it, but then I decided that some things are better left unsaid.

So, for now, it will be my little secret. Maybe when he gets older I’ll let him in on it.

Quick Tip: If you’re brave, toss in some green beans too!

If you really want to make this a simple dish, you can put it in your slow cooker in the morning. By the time you get home from work, the amazing scent of chicken and stuffing will greet you. Then, when it comes time to eat, everything has been done for you. It’s a really easy clean up too. Especially if you line your slow cooker before you start. That’s always a bonus in my book. Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Group Recipes:

“I love easy meals…and this tops the list!”

This casserole makes a super easy, any night of the week dinner. Try it out for yourself!

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