Take The Easy Road And End Up With This App That Will WOW The Crowds

A long time ago I ate a cheese ball that I had made from a mix that I bought. I loved it! Well, l I have no way of getting that mix anymore, so I had to find a new favorite recipe. I came across this one over at Onion Rings And Things, and I thought it sounded amazing.

This isn’t your average cheese ball! You will love to serve this at your next holiday gathering! My friends and family raved about this yummy cheese ball the time I took it to a church function. We served snacks and goodies after the program and I brought this yummy confection. Everyone thought it was amazing!

Another thing that is pretty awesome about this cheese ball is how easy it is to make. If you can form ingredients into a sphere you can make this yummy cheese ball haha! There really isn’t anything not to love about this appetizer. Plus, you get to serve it with a variety of things like crackers, apple slices, and even shortbread cookies, if you prefer. It’s a lovely little snack that looks pretty, too. Enjoy!

Quick Tip: This cheese ball is a great make-ahead recipe for those big holiday dinners. It’ll save you lots of time!

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  1. Would it come out if i leave out the ham? I am not a fqn of ham


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