Yummier Than Any Other Chicken Recipe You’ll Ever Make!

My family and I had lunch with an Aunt and Uncle of mine last weekend. They passed by our place on the way to the place of my cousin, their eldest daughter. We brought them to a restaurant for lunch since we didn’t have anything prepared at home. We planned on going out that day and bring our kids to the mall. We ate at this chicken place where they served the best barbecue chicken and mashed potatoes. It’s one of our family’s favorite chicken restaurants that’s not a fast food one.

While we were eating, may aunt noticed something unusual in the bucket of chicken. “Why are they mostly thighs?” she asked, taking one of the breasts. And I simple answered, “we love things, Auntie. But I ordered breasts for you and Uncle.”
Well, chicken thighs are our family’s favorite chicken parts. At home, the leg parts often go to the two kids because they love holding their chicken by the bone. The thigh parts are always for my husband and

This spicy honey chicken thigh recipe that I am going to share with you brings out the best in the chicken thighs. We all know that these parts of the chicken have more flavors than other parts. This recipe just helps bring out those flavors.

Quick Tip: Serve this with pan fried red potatoes tossed with a bit of garlic and rosemary.

This spicy honey brushed-chicken is the ultimate chicken thighs recipe that you will fall in love with no matter what. The taste of spice was actually a great compliment for the sweetness of the dish. Then there’s the original savory flavor of chicken thighs that chicken breasts never had. Oh yes- this is one chicken meal that no one will be able to resist. I am pretty sure that your family and your friends are going to love this as much as mine does.

Check out what our friends from My Recipes have to say about this recipe:
“These sweet, Honey Chicken Thighs rank supreme, as one of the most popular Cooking Light chicken recipes of all time – and for good reason. By mixing a touch of sweet with a hint of spicy, a magical thing happens. Generously seasoned with chili powder, cumin, garlic and cider vinegar, there’s no room for lack of flavor here. Wonder what secret to mouthwatering thighs is? It’s in the broiler; this cooking method adds a distinctive crunchy outer crust and a tender, juicy inside.”
That tip is very useful, isn’t it? Using the broiler to create that crunchy outer crust and tender juicy inside. This chicken recipe is amazing- there is no doubt about it now. You just have to enjoy this recipe with your family to make it so much more tastier than it already is.

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