Amish- Style Beef And Noodles: Perfect for Potlucks

Whenever we are entertaining guests, I feel the responsibility to make sure that they not only have a good time, but also that they have a good meal. Usually we have the same friends over pretty regularly, and I like to try out different appetizers on them.

When I came across this recipe for Southern-style sausage and cheese squares, I knew it was going to be my next experiment. They looked really good, and the recipe seemed fairly easy. Besides that, who doesn’t like sausage and cheese?

The following weekend we were going to be hosting a small gathering so I knew it was my chance. Our closest friends brought their young children with them to play with our kids so that’s who I tried these little squares out on first.

They ate the whole plate! I had to go back to the kitchen and make a new pan for the adults. It’s a good think I bought extra ingredients. After a quick prep I just popped them in the oven and they were done in no time.

The adults loved them just as much as the kids. I can see these being a new rotation menu item in our dinner parties and other events.

Quick Tip: Make ahead of time and freeze. Warm up in 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.

These are also the perfect item to take to a potluck dinner. They serve well at just warm or room temperature so you don’t have to worry about keeping them hot. One pan makes about twenty squares so if you are serving a decent sized amount of people, you probably are going to want to double up on the recipe. They can always be stored in the fridge tightly wrapped and then warmed up when you are ready to eat them. Feel free to toss in some of your favorite vegetables or switch up the cheese flavors for a whole new taste.

Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Recipe Lion:
“Loaded with cheese, sausage, pimento, and mild green chilies, these Sausage and Cheese Squares are an easy, make-ahead finger food that’s perfect for any occasion”
Whether you serving your small family at home or a large church group, nobody will be disappointed with these little squares of deliciousness.

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