Amish- Style Beef And Noodles: Perfect for Potlucks

A Traditional Amish meal that will put the zeal back into dinner time.

I absolutely love this recipe. The beef is tender and the noodles aren’t soggy.  Nothing is worse than mushy noodles and somehow these noodles tend to stay quite firm. They aren’t al dente by any means, but they also aren’t mushy, either. The flavor is something to be talked about as it is so savory! Seriously, the beef juices really make this meal the gem that it is. I love seeing a pot of this stuff simmering on the stove after church or when the weather gets cooler. You guys and gals are really going to be impressed with this recipe.
My mother used to make meals like this for church potlucks and everyone would gobble it up like nobody’s business. Mom had such a knack for making amzing meals.
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Quick Tip: You can also sub the beef for chicken if you would like.

When I was growing up my family attended a Mennonite church. It wasn’t a super conservative church and we didn’t have to wear head coverings or plain dresses if we didn’t want too.

My mother wore the covering for a little while but soon decided that she didn’t want to keep doing so. Anyway, my church had a potluck Sunday meal once a month and mom would bring stuff such as this Amish beef and noodles.
Many of the Mennonite and Amish recipes are the same because the two groups are similar in many ways. Actually, the Mennonites branched off the Amish.

I know this is the type of meal that makes me want to “sit down” and grab a fork!

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