Chubby Checker’s Cheery Chocolate Cake

Today Is a Great Day For A Delicious Piece of Chocolate Cake!

The other day, my husband took me to this wonderful Farmer’s Market in Springs, PA. Now, if you know anything about this part of Pennsylvania you will know that it is a large Amish settlement. it is right next door to Summit Mills, PA, yet another Amish community. The farmer’s Market was filled with Amish men and women selling their goods. Many of the ladies had baked good stands that are seriously impossible to resist. There was a cake that caught my eye.
The cake in question was called, “Lazy Woman’s Chocolate Cake”. The Amish lady selling the cake was named Lucy and her little girl playfully told us that they call the cake, “Lazy Lucy’s Chocolate cake” at home.
I was so delighted by the story of this cake, it’s name, and simple ingredients that I had to buy the plate of chocolate cake squares. We ate them in a hurry. So, now I have to make my own 🙂

Quick Tip: Make this cake when you’re expecting unexpected company 🙂

A typical day on an Amish farm includes waking up before the break of dawn, tending to the animals, making breakfast, and looking after little ones.

A woman’s role in an Amish family is usually taking care of meal prep and household duties. A lot of Amish ladies will make cakes, cookies, and pies to sell in their family store. This Lazy Woman cake is a staple on many Amish farms because it is super easy to make and requires minimal ingredients.

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