Smokin’ BBQ Chicken With A Splash Of Honey Mustard

Better Than Dad’s Signature Recipe!

Life is unfair. That’s how the world works. For some reason, it seemed to be causing an unbalance, but I think it’s actually balancing the world.
Imagine if every one of us has the same flow of life then we’ll just all be going in one direction. We would probably tip the world off just because it would lean heavily on one side. I’m being philosophical when all I ever wanted was to introduce this delicious recipe.

But then again, this recipe might reflect life’s lessons and how you go through with life. When you cook something, you wouldn’t know if people would love it, but you would still cook it.

It’s called taking risks. Just do things with a whole heart and you will find yourself experiencing life’s delicious moments!
Quick Tip: The longer you can allow it to marinate the more flavor it will have, but if you don’t have time for it to marinate, it’s perfectly delicious without it, too.

The perfect chicken recipe that will leave everyone in awe. All of your friends and your family will love this dish, even the pickiest eater. You can adjust the spices based on your preferences, but however you might want it, it’s just too delicious to ignore. When I first tasted this, I didn’t know that it’s this easy to make. The chicken is so tender it’s as if a lot of methods had been applied for it to become that tender.

And the sauce was so deliciously perfect it wasn’t possible that it’s easily made. But it is! This is an easy recipe that will totally blow you away.

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