This Amazing Recipe Shows How Our World Is Connected By Good Food

Works EVERY Time!!

Last week I was going through my freezer and pantry, in hopes of having at least something dinner-worthy somewhere, in a hidden corner of my kitchen cabinets… I was having an extremely busy day working from home, and I really didn’t want to spend an hour of my precious time going grocery shopping. Lucky me, I was just able to find the right ingredients for this quick and easy casserole!

I absolutely love recipes like this. That day was crazy and this was such a lifesaver in the middle of all the chaos! It only took a few minutes to throw everything together, the oven will take care of the rest for you. And don’t worry if you don’t happen to have the exact same ingredients at hand! This is a very versatile recipe and you can tweak it as you go, it’ll still be totally delicious. Plus, your kids will love this!

Quick Tip: Add some frozen veggies into this casserole and you won’t even have to make a side salad!

The first thing I changed that day was using ground turkey instead of ground beef. Not because I don’t like beef, I just simply didn’t have it in my freezer right then and there. I also added some frozen peas because I didn’t want to start thinking about preparing a separate side dish of veggies… You go with what you have, right? And time is what I didn’t have.

You can add different ingredients and it’ll still be just as tasty. If you want to put this together in record time, just throw everything into the casserole dish, including the cheese, and then place the tater tots on top.

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